10:18 Saturday 23 August 2014
Unless you've just had you air
ducts cleaned, you need it!

#Your home is one of the most personal and valuable investments you will make in your lifetime.

If your house has forced air heating and/or cooling we can help make your investment a clean and healthy place for you and your family.

Whether your home is new or previously owned, your systems should be free of dust and contaminant's that can be found in the majority of forced air systems.



If you are unsatisfied in any way with the work performed by Well House and notify us within 10 days of cleaning your system, we'll perform our full service (or any part of it you deem necessary) again within 30 days at no charge.


#Well-House Air Duct Cleaning has been providing residential and commercial air duct cleaning services since 1991 in Northeast Wisconsin.  Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to educating the public on the health issues and importance of maintaining clean air through regularly cleaning and sanitizing your air ducts.
    We are here to provide you with the quality of services and support you expect.  The equipment used to clean your homes air duct system is the most current, state-of-the art system available to ensure you are provided the best air duct cleaning available.  Every customer of Well-House is given a customized analysis of their homes duct system and is provided ongoing education and support to maintain their home or buildings air system to maintain the highest quality air possible.

Your home will be treated as if it were our own. All of our cleaning specialists are certified air duct cleaning technicians and are trained to help you with preventative maintenance and educating you on how to maintain a cleaner, healthier ventilation system.

When you decide it's time to clean out the mess, call Well-House. You'll receive top-quality, professional service and be given a firm quote before the work begins. You have my promise.

# Paul Welhouse   President - Well-House Air Duct Cleaning

Call us today to schedule a free no-obligation estimate.
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